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NeuFit at Wellness 360 Plus in Tampa, FL


Achieve longer lasting results, reduce recovery time, reduce pain and increase mobility by reprogramming your nervous system with NeuFit.

What is NeuFit?

NeuFit’s FDA-approved device, the Neubie, uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to target the precise area of pain or muscle movement limitations and reset the nervous system eliminating pain, accelerating rehabilitation and healing injuries.

How does NeuFit help me reach my fitness goals?

Using NeuFit, you can fast track your workouts allowing you to gain more lean muscle with less weight in fewer workout sessions. By targeting identified weak links in your nervous system, you can reach your full potential and push through fitness plateaus.

How does NeuFit accelerate recovery?

Recovery time is determined by how your body responds to what it classifies as a trauma. In an effort to protect the area, the brain sends signals to prevent movement in that area which can actually leave the area more vulnerable, taking a longer time to heal. With NeuFit, we’re able to identify where those neurological barriers are and break through them using the Neubie device – leading to faster recovery times.

How does NeuFit reduce pain?

Pain is actually experienced in the brain, not in the body. When the brain perceives a threat, it sends a signal that we identify as pain which is why pain can sometimes linger long after your injury is healed. Using the NeuFit method, the root of the pain can be targeted and nerve signaling reset resulting in pain reduction.


$100/30 minutes