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What Does a Personal Trainer Do for You?

Getting in shape can seem daunting. Whether you are trying to optimize your health or look a little better for the beach, there is so much information out there –  navigating your way through it all and trying to find the best techniques and methods is incredibly difficult. Everyone who has been to a gym sees members of all fitness levels working with personal trainers, but is that the right choice for you? How can you benefit from working with a personal trainer? A qualified and talented personal trainer can bring a lot to the table – and the benefits far exceed simply having someone to tell you what to do.

Personal Trainers and Accountability

A good personal trainer will hold you accountable, and accountability will lead to consistency, which is the main component of getting results. We have all started and fallen off of fitness routines, workout plans, and diets in the past. When you invest in a personal trainer, they are simultaneously investing in you. Now, when you’ve had a long day at the office or it’s been a long day and you’re thinking about calling it quits, you’ll know that you’re not just letting yourself down, but you’re negating the time your trainer has set aside and invested in you. At the same time, with your financial investment, you’ll want to maximize your return, which in and of itself is beyond motivating.

Mastering Exercise Execution with a Personal Trainer

Another key benefit of investing in a personal trainer is learning optimal form and technique. Working out with the correct form is much more complex than many people give it credit for. Simply going to the gym and lifting weights with no rhyme or reason isn’t totally ineffective, but it’s far from optimal and can limit your results tremendously. It can also put you at a significantly greater risk of injury, which is not only a setback to achieving your goals but a possible hindrance to your day-to-day life.

Keep Your Workouts Fresh

Personal training can also keep your workouts fresh and exciting while maintaining a purposeful direction toward achieving your goals. A qualified personal trainer will know which exercises to change and when to change them in order to keep your training fun, progressive, and most importantly, productive. A good workout should be challenging but invigorating while remaining conducive to your specific goals. Many gym goers tend to get stuck spinning their wheels with little direction, which, while better than nothing, is far from the optimal path to getting them where they need to be.


Regardless of the specific goals of a person’s individual fitness journey, adherence, execution, and direction are three key aspects of achieving success. These three focal points are significantly enhanced by working with a personal trainer. At the end of the day, hard work and consistency are the biggest positive attributes to take with you into the gym, but investing in the guidance of a good personal trainer will only make your journey a more positive and successful one.

About the Author

Drew has 18 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and certified strength and conditioning coach with 10,000+ hours of one on one experience.